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Body Treatment

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Our body is our temple. Taking proper care of it is essential to feel good in our own skin. Apart from rejuvenating the skin, reducing imperfections, and giving it a naturally glowing look, body treatments should also have a calming effect and reduce stress - this is when the body is at complete ease. These types of procedures could benefit the mind as well as the skin.


Cellulite Treatment

The most common body issue that women have to face is cellulite - those irritating dimples that appear with the increase of fat cells, causing the skin to stretch. Unfortunately, as common as it is, no cosmetic product on the market can successfully reduce, let alone completely remove the stretch marks. 

The cellulite treatment we offer aims to directly reach the dermis and increase skin elasticity with the end goal of eliminating dimples. There are numerous ways to treat cellulite: computer-controlled mechanical massage and suction, magnetic impulses and radiofrequency, laser, ultrasound, and zone lymphatic massage. Our team of specialists will recommend the best method to approach the problematic areas of your body. Typically, the cellulite procedure is used on the buttocks, hips, and thighs. 

Laser Hair Removal

When talking about "glowing," we can safely say that smooth and silky skin is essential in achieving that look. The laser hair removal treatment is a painless procedure that uses laser energy to remove hair from preferred areas of the body, thus providing long-term results - the hair stops growing for several months or up to a year. 

Without the stubble or razor bumps, the texture is even, and the skin feels soft and lustrous. Large areas, like full legs and back, can be treated with laser hair removal treatments, saving both men and women much time to enjoy the care-free summer season.

Regardless of age or skin type, always be in the mood for body pampering and let us handle the rest.

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