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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to depilation by shaving or waxing - a tedious activity that is usually time-consuming and sometimes quite painful. By investing in laser hair removal procedures, you not only save yourself countless hours epilating at home or in a professional beauty studio, but you also economise in the long term by not spending money on cosmetic procedures, shaving creams, razors and a whole bunch of unsustainable products that pollute the environment.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a complex procedure that uses light energy, emitted from the lasers; the pigment of the hair (melanin) absorbs it and is then turned into heat, destroying the hair follicles without actually harming the skin. The procedure aims to remove the hair from preferred areas of the body. With the help of premium lasers that have an integrated cooling system, the experience is a lot more comfortable and painless.


The treatment may, however, take up to several sessions, depending on the colour, thickness and density of the hair. The hairs usually fall out within two weeks after the treatment and then a new cycle of hair growth begins. For optimal results, a minimum of 6 laser hair reduction treatments is recommended. Naturally, they must be performed in extended intervals of time.

Which Areas of the Body Can We Treat with Laser Hair Removal?

Contrary to some opinions, laser hair removal allows for a painless experience in more areas than what is usually possible via waxing, shaving, etc. Technically, all areas that produce unwanted hair can safely benefit from the procedure. The areas of the body that you can treat in our beauty studio include:

For Women

    • Brazilian                                                     45min -  $90            

    • Upper Lip and Chin                                 30min -  $50  

    • Full Body                                                   2hr 30min - $380

    • Chin                                                           15min - $35

    • Upper Lip                                                  15min - $30

    • Lower Face                                                15min - $50

    •  Full Arms                                                  1h - $100


    • Under Arms                                              45min - $50

    • Lower Legs                                               30min - $90


    • Full Legs                                                   1h - $140


    • Package of 8 Treatments                       7h - $2900

For Men

    • Full Body                                                 1h 30min - $490

    • Full Arms                                                1h - $110

    • Full Legs                                                 1h - $160

    • Chest & Abs                                           1h - $150

    • Full Back                                                 1h - $150

    • Brazilian                                                 1h - $100

    • Underarms                                             1h - $55

    • Chest & Abs & Full Back                     1h 30min - $280

    • Upper Cheeks                                       30min - $50


    • Neck Front or Neck Back                    30min - $50

    • Package of 8 treatments                      7h - $3750                                                                    

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive, painless procedure that provides long-term results. It stops hair growth for months or in some cases - up to a year. Regular laser treatments can actually slow hair growth so in time fewer and fewer procedures can get the job done. That certainly has some undeniable financial advantages and saves a lot of time in the long run that would otherwise be spent waxing or shaving.


One of the main benefits of laser hair reduction is that larger areas (i.e full back or full legs) can be treated in a short amount of time. In addition to having a time-saving and pain-free experience, the result that you can expect is a much smoother and silkier skin without stubble or razor bumps.

Is the Procedure Safe?

One of the myths regarding laser hair removal is that the radiation, emitted from the lasers, can cause the formation of cancer cells, but there is no medical proof to support this claim. According to the majority of practicing doctors, laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure that does not cause cancer. 


Another myth, which can be easily debunked, is that regular laser hair removal can affect the reproductive system in a negative way, namely to cause infertility. In fact, the laser cannot penetrate the skin and reach internal organs, so a risk of sterility doesn’t exist. However, it is recommended that women don’t take advantage of the treatment during pregnancy as not enough research has been done to successfully prove how the procedure could influence women in this delicate period of their lives. As of now, clinical studies show that both a single procedure and regular laser hair reduction treatments do not cause any long-term negative reactions or side effects to the body.

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