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Signature Facials

Every type of skin is delicate in its own way. For marketing purposes the majority of cosmetic companies like to label their products with simpler terms, like "for oily and acne-prone skin", "dry and sensitive", "normal and combination". That way, their products are clear, straightforward and market-friendly as the target customers can easily choose what will be most beneficial for their type of skin. 


However, it's much more complicated than what the beauty industry lets on. For example, you can have both an oily T-zone and dry cheeks; you can experience unusual redness, uneven tone or ever-changing allergies that affect the skin. Not to mention, the numerous skin diseases like alopecia, eczema, psoriasis, etc. that require special medical attention.


Beauty is subjective but taking care of our skin is not. When it comes to treating the skin the right way, the best approach is the individual one. That's why we strongly believe in signature facials and highly recommend them.


What Is a Signature Facial?

A Signature Facial is a treatment that is tailor-made for the patients' specific skin type, based on their medical background, cosmetic products they use and results they want to achieve. 


Our team of specialists will carefully examine and analyze your skin, providing insightful information about all suitable procedures that can rejuvenate it. 


All Signature Facials usually include some common elements, such as polishing with medical peels and enzymes, masks, and massages for lymphatic drainage. However, the products used during the treatment are always tailored to your needs.

What Kind of Signature Facials Can I Choose From?

There are several treatment options that our skincare professionals will discuss with you:


  • Detoxifying Facial

  • Clarifying Facial

  • Essential Facial

  • Oxygen Facial

  • Pro Brightening Facial


Typically, facial procedures target specific medical issues and provide solutions that beauty products can't really solve, but this is not their only purpose - they are generally considered luxury treatments that are designed to relax the mind and bring emotional balance to the patient. 

What Are the Benefits of Signature Facials?

As mentioned, Signature Facials differ from the generic ones as they tackle a specific problem - they can help remove blemishes and black spots, treat inflammation and redness, as well as to get rid of acne for good; they exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, restoring its healthy look and giving it a lasting and youthful glow. 


Depending on your desired results, the signature facials can dive deeper into the underlying imperfections of the skin or treat solely its upper layers. 


Moreover, when it comes to preventing skin aging and all the usual signs that come with it, like wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and hyperpigmentation, signature facials are the ultimate solution. With the help of minerals and enzymes that soak deeply into the dermis, the regular treatments have a real energizing and rejuvenating effect that keeps the skin looking young, fresh and beautiful.

Am I a Candidate?

There are no limitations to Signature Facials as they are completely customized so everyone can benefit from a treatment, created just for their skin condition, and performed in a safe environment. 


Skincare should not become a priority only after you get bad skin and struggle with restoring its balance. Prevention is the best medicine so take care of your skin's needs on a regular basis and trust that small efforts now and then go a long way to prove that beauty doesn't have to fade with age.

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